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I was wondering how to get the max value from every key from a dictionary. Let’s say I have this:
dict={(1,1,True):[-1, 0.26], (2,1,True):[0.1, 0],(1,2,True):[0.01, -1],(2,2,True):[1, -0.11],}
And this is the expected output:
new_dict={(1,1,True):0, (2,1,True):0,(1,2,True):1,(2,2,True):0,}
The new 0 and 1 values means the following:
  • If the absolute max value is the first element, the output value will be 0. If not, 1.
  • Example: Abs(-1), Abs(0.26)-> 1>0.26 -> 0 will be the expected output.

Get max value from every index, Best Answer:

Only write what you say.

(1,1,True):[-1, 0.26],
(2,1,True):[0.1, 0],
(1,2,True):[0.01, -1],
(2,2,True):[1, -0.11],

for key, value in dct.items():
# check ‘abs(item_zero) with ‘abs(item_one)’ as ‘boolean’
# then convert ‘False -> 0’ and ‘True -> 1’.
dct[key] = int(abs(value[0]) <= abs(value[1]))


[code]{(1, 1, True): 0, (2, 1, True): 0, (1, 2, True): 1, (2, 2, True): 0}

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