Expats get ‘stress-free life’ working in Vietnamese tech

Expats get ‘stress-free life’ working in Vietnamese tech,Staff work in an office of FPT Group. Photo courtesy of FPT GroupThe desire to work in a burgeoning IT industry and experience a new culture led Mexican national Luis Ruvalcaba, 35, to Vietnam.

He came across a job opening on tech giant FPT’s LinkedIn page four years ago. He applied and was interviewed by HR, the Senior Project Manager and the Project Owner before obtaining the position of Project Manager.

Working in an environment with talented people in Vietnam, both local and foreign, at FPT Software, a subsidiary of FPT, has left Ruvalcaba feeling energized and has provided him the opportunity to advance his career. “Working here has helped me enhance my time and task management skills.”

Ruvalcaba is one of an increasing number of foreign professionals working in Vietnam’s booming IT sector.Expats get ‘stress-free life’ working in Vietnamese tech

FPT has 1,888 foreign employees from 55 countries and territories out of the company’s current staff of 60,000.

As of 2022, Vietnam was home to 70,000 IT companies, up 9.37% from 2021 and three years ahead of the country’s original 2025 objective, according to the Ministry of Information and Communications.

According to the 2022 Vietnam IT Market Report by recruitment platform TopDev, companies in Vietnam hired 175,370 information technology staff in 2022, up 36.2% year-on-year, as the country’s tech sector continues to boom with rising investment.

Recruitment demand for IT staff is set to exceed 229,000 by 2023 and 290,000 by 2024, said the report.OpeningsVietnam’s IT recruitment demand18 23018 23026 85026 85040 27540 27562 82962 82993 68993 689128 785128 785175 370175 370229 345229 345290 356290 356201620172018201920202021202220232024050k100k150k200k250k300k350k

Gautham Rajkumar, a 29-year-old Indian Senior Developer at FPT Software in Hanoi, said Vietnam’s IT development far surpassed his expectations when he got here about a year ago.

Even though many international IT workers have already worked for various other companies abroad, many have had unexpected experiences in Vietnam.Expats get ‘stress-free life’ working in Vietnamese tech

The less strict implementation of work regulations here made many expats surprised.

Having worked for other international corporations in the past, Rajkumar assumed that Vietnamese employers would adhere to rigid working hours, as what he’d experienced in other cultures.

“But I was really surprised and happy when I actually arrived in Vietnam to see that not all my expectations were true,” he said.

Luis Ruvalcaba, a Project Manager at FPT Software, poses for a photo. Photo courtesy of Ruvalcaba
Luis Ruvalcaba, a Project Manager at FPT Software, poses for a photo. Photo courtesy of Ruvalcaba

Source: vnexpress.net

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